A New Generation Mobile Solution

Ubicomp's mobile solution makes a winning difference in the delivery of guest services for your hotel! It eliminates long queues at your front desk and enables you to enhance your guest services. Exceed your guests' expectations and develop loyalty whilst creating a difference for your hotel.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

The QIKINN system is a fully integrated mobile solution developed for hotels by Ubicomp System. It enables mobile check-in and check-out, guest communications via SMS before they even arrive, HTML confirmation messages, marketing & upsell communication, as well as addressing guests' concerns and preferences. Upon check-out, the hotel maintains communication with guests using simple SMS or email and also "online mobile" guest surveys.

qikin mobile reservation

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate long check-in and check-out queues at front desk
  • Enable quick reply to all guest communication
  • Allow hotel staff to focus on delivering guest services
  • Provide direct communication with guest at pre-stay and post stay
  • Improve revenue and yield opportunities through increased occupancy, upsell, and hotel promotions
  • Send professionally designed HTML email confirmation with QIKINN - Confirm
  • Retain guest loyalty through "online mobile" guest surveys with immediate feedback

Mobile Check-in & Check-out

The QIKINN system helps to streamline your hotel operations and improve your guest services. The system enables your guest to check-in and check-out of the hotel using their mobile phone via SMS.

Pre-check-in Communications

  • Use SMS to send a reservation confirmation notification to guest.
  • Send professionally designed HTML confirmation email to guest directly from QIKINN - Confirm.
  • Increase revenues and yield through additional hotel promotions using SMS.

Check-out Communications

Provide guest with the option to check-out from a mobile phone using SMS. This eliminates the need to queue in the front desk for check-out and the guest may also easily download their folios from the QIKINN system at their own convenience.

Check-in Process

The QIKINN system provides a link to guest for SMS or web check-in. Guest can opt to either do a mobile or web check-in on the day of arrival and be presented with key at the express counter, eliminating the need to queue for check-in at front desk.

Mobile Communications & Marketing To New Guests

Allows for interaction with the guest before their arrival at the hotel via SMS or web, offering additional benefits and hotel promotions, including upsell business opportunities to increase revenues and yield.

Online Mobile Surveys

Get instant feedback from the guest upon check-out. The QIKINN system enables you to send a simple but concise survey to the guest's mobile phone to solicit immediate feedback. The feedback is then compiled and consolidated in the central database to provide accurate reporting to the organisation.

In-room Mobile Message Forwarding

Allow guest messages which are left in the hotel be forwarded to guest's mobile phone! The QIKINN system retrieves the messages and sends to guest using SMS. An add-on service that provides another revenue stream for the hotel.

Post-stay Customer Interaction

Create loyalty by really focusing on the guest! The QIKINN - Customer Manager allows hotel to interact with guest after check-out using SMS or email notifications to send thank you notes; a birthday or anniversary greeting, amongst others!

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